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Getting started with DISCO

The best way to get started on DISCO is to watch our short introductory video: 

Adding and Sharing Music

Sharing music with DISCO is a breeze. Check out this quick video below for how to share your music and check access stats.

1. Add your music (and other files) 

When you sign in to your DISCO, the first thing you need to do is add some music (and whatever other files you need). The right column of the app, called the Playlist Creator, is where you add music and files and create playlists: 

To add tracks, simply drag and drop from your hard drive or iTunes: 

Tip: You don't need to save a playlist for the tracks or files you add in the Playlist Creator area to be saved to your library: everything you drop into the shortlist is automatically saved as soon as it's finished uploading. 

2. Save your playlist

When you're done adding tracks, Click Save, then confirm the playlist details and click Save Playlist:

2. Share your playlist

You'll then be given a link you can share with anyone. Just copy the link, or click the Share this playlist button to email the list to anyone: 

People you share lists with will be able to stream the tracks, download them individually, or download them all at once on a page with your branding: 

4. Access your saved playlists

Your saved playlists will then show up in the Explorer. The Explorer is where you'll find your saved playlists and tracks: 

The Explorer is the core of the DISCO workflow. Click on a playlist (blue icons) to see the tracks in that playlist. And then click on a track to see the playlists that track is in.

The Explorer moves you creatively through your music and files, speeding up the process of creating new lists.

Getting Around

The other key app elements are: 

1. The search bar

Located at the top of the app, the search bar lets you search your DISCO at any time. 

2. The sidebar

The sidebar, located on the left hand side of the app, is where your libraries, inboxes and channels live: 

3. The top right menu 

The top right menu is where you can access your DISCO settings, invite other people from your team, and access Analytics

4. The chat button

The chat button, located in the bottom right of the app, is where you can talk to us :) Ask us anything, any time – we'll get back to you quickly.