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DISCO Discovery Suite: Catalogs & Auto-tagging FAQ

DISCO's Discovery Suite is an add-on feature pack that includes:

It's a great avenue for anyone wanting to create an outward-facing Catalog to be browsed by or appear in searches from vetted music supervisors on DISCO.

Discovery Suite has its own track quota and pricing separate from your base plan quota. Prices start at $10 per month or $108 per year for up to 250 tracks.

To subscribe, go Settings and Account > Billing & Subscriptions > Add Ons > Discovery Suite. From that same page, you can increase or decrease your quota, or cancel anytime 👍

Looking for FAQ on our Browse Catalogs feature for supervisors? Find those here.

Discovery Suite FAQ

How much is the Discovery Suite?

Pricing starts at $10 per month for up to 250 tracks. More pricing options can be found below:

Track QuotaCost Per Month

Can I have a different track quota for Discovery Suite than I have in my base plan?

Yes – Discovery Suite track quota is independent from the base plan track quota but we recommend matching your base plan quota for simplicity.

What billing cycles are available?

Discovery Suite can be subscribed monthly or annually depending on the base plan billing frequency.

Can I subscribe to only Catalogs, or only Auto-tagging?

No, the Discovery Suite is sold as a package that includes both Catalogs and Auto-tagging.

Does the quota reset each month, meaning I can tag or include that number of Tracks in Catalogs each month?

No, your Discovery Suite quota is the total number of unique tracks connected to the AI (for auto-tagging) or hosted in Catalogs at any one time. It does not reset each month.

My base plan has a quota of 10,000 tracks and I also have a Discovery suite quota of 2,000 tracks. I auto-tagged 2,000 tracks. Can I add any tracks that are not auto-tagged to Catalogs?

Yes, you can add up to 2,000 tracks that are not auto-tagged into Catalogs, however, tracks that are both auto-tagged and in your Catalog still only use up one track towards your quota.

Will auto-tagging impact my track quota?

Tracks count towards your Discovery Suite quota if they are either auto-tagged or in your Catalog. Tracks that are both auto-tagged and in your Catalog still only use up one track towards your quota.

The Discovery Suite quota use therefore is a mix of what is auto-tagged and what is in Catalogs.

Catalogs FAQ

What are DISCO Catalogs?

DISCO Catalogs (formerly known as DISCO Libraries) let you present your Catalog to clients on a simple, beautiful, searchable interface. Invite clients to search your music Catalog and find what they need, when they need it.

Top music supervisors around the world trust DISCO to receive music. With DISCO Catalogs, it just got even easier. Supervisors can browse your Catalog and save your music straight to their DISCO or download it.

Can clients access my Catalog without a login?

If you set your Catalog to public, anyone can browse and stream the Catalog, but only authorized users who are logged in will be able to download the tracks, save them to DISCO, and create playlists. 

If you set your Catalog to private, only users who are logged in will be able to access the Catalog. 

How customizable is the Catalog design?

You can add your own logo and hero image, and customize the main Catalog color. You can also add artist images and bios, and playlist cover images.

Where do I manage metadata and tags?

Metadata and tags can be managed on the main track metadata edit area in your DISCO. Any changes to metadata are reflected in your Catalogs.

Is Similarity Search available on Catalogs?


Can I create multiple Catalogs?

Yes. Your Catalog track quota will be shared collectively between Catalogs. 1 track can be in 10 Catalogs and that counts as 1 track towards your quota.

What formats are available for clients to access? 

Clients can access all formats you have associated with your tracks. You can limit download access to mp3s only in the Catalog Settings.

Are stats and analytics available?

Yes! Detailed stats are available for each Catalog in its Stats section. 

If a supervisor/recipient of the Catalog URL does not have DISCO, can they still search, stream and download music?

Yes! Anyone you grant access to your Catalog can access it, whether they have DISCO or not. 

My music isn't tagged, can you help me? 

We can! As part of your Discovery Suite subscription, you can tag your music with our auto-tagging.

Can I embed the Catalog on my website? 

No, however you can set up a url redirect with a custom domain once you're subscribed or simply link to your Catalog from your website. 

Can you license music directly from my Catalog?

No, not yet! Make sure you fill out the Contact section so you are easy to reach.

How can I get music from my other system into DISCO Catalogs?

Contact our support team and we’ll help you import your music.

How can I get my Catalog discovered by music supervisors?

By opting in to make your Catalog discoverable in the Settings.

Auto-tagging FAQ

What is the benefit of using DISCO’s auto-tagging?

Tagging is time consuming and laborious. As multiple people become involved in the process, it’s hard to keep tags and definitions consistent. DISCO’s auto-tags are crowd sourced from our users in sync, and are based on the vocabulary our industry uses every day.

You can be confident that the consistency and quality of DISCO’s auto tags will improve your colleagues’ and your clients’ discovery experience.

Other services provide broad keywords and static, one time tagging that requires you to export and re-import your content. DISCO’s auto-tags are seamlessly integrated into the way you work every day – no csv imports required. 

How does auto-tagging work?

We trained our model by collecting keywords and tags most commonly used by music supervisors and sync teams. Our tags cover the key reference points in briefs and music discovery: genre, tempo, mood/feel, type, vocals, instrumentation, and BPM. 

Tracks are sent to the AI system which listens and applies tags inside DISCO for instant access while searching.

How does Similarity Search work? 

Similarity Search is a major time saving feature that allows you to see the most similar tracks for any song in your DISCO. It also lets you enter reference track links from YouTube and get the most similar tracks in your DISCO in return. Only auto-tagged tracks are included in the results. You can find more info on Similarity Search here

Do you offer a one time auto-tag of all my DISCO content?

We don’t offer a one-time bulk tagging for two reasons:

The tags are not static; the AI is constantly connected to your tracks and learning new vocabulary as tags are manually added and removed. New tags will be applied automatically when our AI learns new tags or improves its accuracy with existing tags. 

Similarity Search requires continuous connection to the AI. When you paste a reference YouTube link into the search bar, it is sent to the AI to scan for similar tracks in your DISCO. Only auto-tagged tracks are included in the results.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel your Discovery Suite subscription at any time. When you do, your Catalogs will be unpublished and the auto-tags will be removed.

How can I search the tags?

Searching through tags is easy. Use the main search:

 or click on tags on your tracks to filter your content:

For more on searching your DISCO, by tags or other criteria, check out this video

Can I export my tags?

Yep! Just reach out to our support team who will provide you with a spreadsheet.

What if there’s a tag that’s not accurate?

Hover over the tag and click the X to remove. The AI system learns as tags are added and removed to improve accuracy. Removed tags will never be added back to the same track in the future.

If I delete a tag applied by auto-tagging, will it be re-applied? 

When you remove an auto tag, we keep a record of that deletion and auto-tagging won't apply that tag to that track again. If you remove a tag from a track that you or someone from your team added, auto-tagging won't add it back again.

Can I see which tags are mine and which ones are AI? 

Not at the moment. 

Can clients/receivers see the tags?

Tags can be written to the Comments metadata field as the track is downloaded or sent to another DISCO. This setting is controlled in Business Settings by account admins:

Note, iTunes cuts off the Comments field at 250 characters (DISCO does not).

Will the AI overwrite or remove any existing tags?

No, the AI will not overwrite or remove any tags you’ve manually added. It can however change existing tags that the AI has populated for a couple of reasons. 

Firstly, if we push an updated tagging model, it might need to change existing tags in order to provide more accurate tags for a track based on the new model. If it previously tagged a track with ‘female vocal’, for eg, in a new, improved model it might change that vocal tag to ‘instrumental’, or it might update the BPM to a more accurate tempo. 

In addition, we will occasionally remove tags the AI has added; we recently removed the ‘urban’ tag from our schema, and removed that tag where it had been added. But this will only happen very occasionally, and you’ll be advised if a tag is removed. The AI will never affect tags you’ve added. 

Can I add my own tags?

Absolutely! Include additional tags by selecting the tag icon: 

Select from tags in our schema, or add a new one in Settings > Tags.

Can I add my own custom tags for the AI to learn? 

The AI learns as you remove and add new tags, and we’re always looking for new, relevant tags to train the AI on. Over time, the tags our AI returns will expand, and these will automatically be applied to your tracks where they fit.

How long does it take for tags to appear when I add new songs? 

Tracks added to the Auto tagged tracks channel will be queued for tagging automatically. The folder is scanned every 5 minutes, so you don’t need to do anything after dragging them. Most tracks are tagged within just a few minutes, however, it can sometimes take longer, especially if you've added a large amount of tracks. In some cases, a single track can potentially take 15-20 minutes to tag properly. More commonly, it takes roughly between 30 minutes and 2 hours. If you don’t see tags on these tracks within a few hours or more, let us know so we can investigate it further.

What happens when I reach my auto-tagging track limit? 

Additional Tracks will no longer be tagged. To increase your quota, go Settings and Account > Billing & Subscriptions > Add Ons > Discovery Suite > Change subscription and select a new number from the Tracks dropdown. 

I don’t want all my content tagged, can I choose which songs I wish to tag?

Yes! Only tracks added to the Auto-tagging area in the left sidebar will be tagged. However, removing a track from this area will not remove auto-tags from the track or lower your auto-tagging quota.

Do auto-tagged tracks count toward my Discovery Suite quota?

Yes, auto-tagged Tracks count towards your Discovery Suite quota, however, tracks that are both auto-tagged and in your Catalog only use up one track towards your quota.

Where can I view my tagging quota? 

Auto-tagging quota is visible in the Auto-tagged tracks area. If this is not visible for you, please contact support to make it visible. 

Pricing and Subscription Information:

Additional questions? Send us a note at support@disco.ac.