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DISCO Discovery Suite: Instant Instrumentals

Instrumental versions of tracks can be crucial to landing a sync. But what happens when there is no instrumental available? DISCO's Instant Instrumentals feature allows you to create tracks without vocals within your DISCO in under a minute!

Note: You must be a subscriber of Discovery Suite to access this feature.

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How do I create an Instant Instrumental?

Once your tracks are auto-tagged, you can make an Instant Instrumental by opening the Track Menu (â‹®) and selecting Instant Instrumental.

A Terms and Conditions window will appear. Click Accept to continue.

Another window will appear to inform you of how this will affect your Discovery Suite quota. Click Proceed.

Your track will be sent for analysis by our AI and a message will appear in the bottom-left corner letting you know it is being generated.

When your instrumental track is ready, another message will appear in the bottom-left corner. Click Go to track.

Your Instrumental Track will open in the Explorer and have an INSTRUMENTAL label.

A note on file formats

Our AI works best with uncompressed or lossless file formats (i.e. .WAV or .AIFF), so it uses those files whenever possible. Lossy formats, like MP3, are only used if there is no uncompressed/lossless file on a given track.

Regardless of the original file format used, our AI will first create a 16-bit, 44.1kHz .WAV file, then automatically transcode an MP3 at the bit rate set in your business settings. 

These instrumental files will not impact the quality of the original files you have uploaded to your DISCO.

Will my metadata carry over when I create an Instant Instrumental?

Instant Instrumentals copy over the following metadata to your .mp3 file:

Importantly, other metadata fields - such as Album Artwork or Comments, and non-standard metadata fields such as Tags and Writer splits - will not carry over

The Title metadata field will carry over, but it will have the word "Instrumental" added at the end to help you differentiate between versions:

Instant Instrumentals and Nesting

If you opt to create an Instant Instrumental, the track will be automatically nested as a version under the Main track from which it originated.

The instrumental will be nested in the Versions section of the MAIN track with the INSTRUMENTAL label applied:

If the instrumental has been created from the non-main track, like a mix (with the MIX label applied), it will be nested as a version under the main track where the mix also sits.

Instant Instrumentals and Similarity Search - will instrumentals return as results?

Once Instant Instrumentals are created, they will appear in the search results when you use Similarity Search. 

Please note: It may require some time for this process to occur if you have recently created your instrumental. We generally suggest allowing a span of a few minutes up to approximately 20 minutes.

How do Instant Instrumental tracks count toward my track quota?

Every instrumental track that you create counts as 1 track toward your base plan track quota and 1 track toward your Discovery Suite track quota.

Instant Instrumentals in DISCO Catalogs

If you have Nesting enabled in your Catalog, your Instant Instrumental will appear as a version with the INSTRUMENTAL label next to it:

If you do not have Nesting enabled for that Catalog, you will have to funnel the track into your Catalog and it will appear as its own separate track: