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Insights dashboard: Recipient and Team analytics

DISCO's Insights dashboard gives you powerful insights into how your music and files are being used –– both by your team and the people you send music to. Unlike Reports, Insights are captured at both the Track and Playlist levels.

With Insights you can see things like:

Accessing Insights

To access Insights:

  1. Open the Settings menu (the person icon) in the top-right corner of your DISCO.
  2. Select Insights.

What is included in Insights

Insights are split into two views: Recipients analytics and Team analytics

Recipients analytics

These come from the recipients of your Tracks and Playlists to show how they are accessing your content.

Recipients analytics includes: 

Team analytics

These come from your team members in your DISCO to show how your they are using your music and other files.

Team analytics includes: 

When viewing analytics, you can adjust the time period by using the Select period option in the top right corner of the page:

The differences in Insights between Plus and Pro plan users

Users on both the Plus and Pro plan have access to both Recipients and Team analytics, and can see all of the same types of data.

The difference is that Plus users will only see a limited amount of analytics (whatever is currently displayed in each section), whereas Pro users can access all analytics by clicking the View more buttons in each section: