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Setting up and managing Mailing Lists

DISCO's Mailing List feature, combined with DISCO's Email Creator, lets you easily send great-looking email newsletters to lists of any size, just as you would on Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, or Constant Contact. 

Creating Mailing Lists

You can create Mailing Lists by:

1. From the left sidebar, select Mailing Lists

2. In the top right corner, select Create new list.

3. In the Create Mailing List window, add a name for your Mailing List. You can also edit the Sender display name,  Sender from address, and Business address (required for anti-SPAM laws). Then click Save.

4. Click to open your new Mailing List from the Mailing List page. Then you will be prompted to choose a method to add contacts:
Add from Contacts - lets you add contacts already on your DISCO to your list. Clicking this will take you to a list of your DISCO contacts. Just select the contacts you want to add, and click Add to list.

Add new contact - lets you create a new single contact to add to your list. Fill in their information, and click Add contact.

Import contacts from CSV - see the next section in this article.

Importing your existing Mailing List

To do this, you will need a spreadsheet in CSV format of all your contacts on your Mailing List. You should be able to export this from another mailing service, or your own database, or you can create one manually in a spreadsheet program, such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Next, prepare your CSV file for the import, by ensuring it has all of the required columns and information.

Once your CSV file is ready, follow Steps 1-4 in the section above, and when you get to Step 4, select Import contacts from CSV.

Then follow these next steps:

1. Upload the file, check the box to confirm permission, and click Next.

2. You'll then be asked to confirm the mapping of the columns in your sheet to those DISCO supports: 

3. When you've confirmed the mapping, click Import

Do I have to use the Email Creator to share to my Mailing List?

No – you can also share to your Mailing List from DISCO's regular share function. Just search for your list when sharing: