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Playlist tags

Playlist tags are simple, quick way to organise your playlists. Adding tags to playlists lets you organise and sort your catalogue according to whatever categories make sense for your business: you could tag the type of job (television commercials or online), the genre, or the type of assets (instrumentals or demos). 

Adding tags

You can add tags in a couple of places. 

1. Adding tags when saving your lists

In the save playlist pop up, choose existing tags from the Playlist tags dropdown field: 

You can also type to search and create new tags: 

2. Adding tags in the Explorer

To add tags in the Explorer, open the saved playlist, and click the tag icon in the top right of the track column: 

This will open a pop up where you can search and choose existing tags, and type to create new tags: 

Viewing tags for saved playlists

You can view the tags for any saved playlist above the playlist's tracks: 

Filtering your playlists by tags

Filtering your playlists by tags lets you quickly sort your playlists and find the playlists you're looking for. To filter by your tags, click the dropdown at the top right of the playlists column, and choose Filter by tags: