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DISCO Catalogs: Setting up your content

DISCO's Catalogs let you publish your content in a simple, searchable, easy-to-use way.

Before jumping into the article, we would like to suggest checking out our School of DISCO Discovery Suite Course. There's a lot of great content in there, but in particular, we recommend the following videos to help establish a baseline on Catalogs:

In This Article:

Accessing Catalogs

To access the Catalog feature, select Catalogs from the Discovery Suite section on the left sidebar:

Creating Catalogs

You can have multiple Catalogs in your DISCO. To create a new Catalog, click the Create new catalog button at the top right of the screen:

In the pop-up, give your Catalog a name. Note this name is for your internal reference; you can control what name appears on the Catalog in the Design step later on.  

Adding content to your Catalog

After creating your Catalog, you'll be taken to the Content step. Here, you'll select the channels or folders in your DISCO that you want the Catalog to pull content from. 

We recommend creating dedicated channels or folders for your Catalog content – this makes it easier to manage and update the content in your Catalog without having to change it in existing channels. 

Adding channels and folders here will pull in the tracks from these channels and folders and publish them on your Catalog. Please note this won’t publish the playlists in those channels and folders – the playlists you want to feature on your Catalog can be selected separately in the playlist step (see below).

After selecting the Channels via the checkboxes on the right, click Update content

Managing Tracks in your Catalog

After selecting your content, in the Featured Tracks step, you'll see the tracks from the channels you've selected. To feature these tracks on the homepage of your Catalog, click the checkbox at the right of the track's waveform:

You can then view your featured tracks in the Featured tracks tab: 

Managing Playlists in your Catalog

In the Featured playlists step, you can add playlists that will feature on your Catalog. Note that playlists from channels in the channels or folders you selected in the Content step won't appear here; you'll choose the playlists you want to appear separately in this step. 

To add your playlists, click Publish new playlist: 

In the Add new playlist pop up, select playlists from your DISCO by clicking the checkbox on those playlists, then click the Add playlists button at the bottom right:

Once you've added your playlists, they're 'published' to the Catalog and they'll show in your main Playlists view:
 If you click on the three dot menu at the top right of a playlist, you can take further actions on them: 

You can add the playlists to featured playlists, which will mean they'll appear on your Catalog home page. 

You can unpublish the playlist which will remove it from your Catalog. 

And you can edit the playlist, which will bring up a pop up where you can change the cover image for the playlist that appears on the Catalog. In the edit playlist pop up, you'll see three options: 

• Default

• Choose a color

• Choose an image

The Default cover image is make up of artwork from the playlist. 

The Choose a color option lets you select a single color for the playlist cover from a colour picker. 

And the Choose an image option lets you choose a cover image to apply to your playlist. 

Once you've made your playlist, select Confirm. 

In the Featured playlists view, you can view the playlists you've featured and un-feature them via the playlist menu: 

Managing Artists in your Catalog

For every artist included on tracks in the Catalog, an artist profile page will be created. You can manage these in the Featured Artists section of the Catalogs: 

To feature an artist on the home page, hover over the artist's cover image and select the checkbox: 

To edit an artist's profile, hover over their cover image and click the pencil: 

This will open a pop up where you can add an artist image and bio, as well as control what tracks feature on their artist page, in the Featured tracks tab: 

In the Related artists tab, you can collect different artists together on the one artist page. This is useful if it's one songwriter who has different pseudonyms, or if your artist metadata varies for a single artist (for eg Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift feat. Phoebe Bridgers).

In the Featured artists section, you can view featured artists and un-feature them by hovering over their cover and unchecking them: 

Adding Contact Details to your Catalog

In the Contact page, you can enter information about your company, including contact information and your website: 

Designing your Catalog

In the Catalog Design section, you can manage the top section of the Catalog home page – adding your logo, a hero image, your Catalog name and a short description:


Managing your Catalog Settings

In Clients Promotion > Access & promotion, you can control various settings on the Catalog. The Access settings controls permissions on the Catalog. If you select View without login, anyone can browse and stream tracks, but login is required to download tracks, save them to DISCO and make playlists. 

If you select Log in required to view, clients will need to log in to browse your Catalog: 

Inviting clients to your Catalog

Please see our guide for inviting clients and granting access to your Catalog.