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Creating Playlists

Adding and sending music is made easy with DISCO Playlists!

The Playlist Creator

The Playlist Creator at the right of the app is where you can create Playlists. There will always be an open, empty Playlist there for you to start with. 

Adding tracks

You can add music and files to your Playlists in several ways:

• by uploading tracks from your iTunes or computer

• by dragging tracks from your DISCO

• by dragging Playlists from your DISCO

Drag any tracks you like from your iTunes or hard drive: 

If you want to add any existing tracks or Playlists, just drag them from the Explorer section (the main body of the app). You can also drag any item from search.

Working with multiple Playlists at once

You can create multiple Playlists in the Playlist Creator area at the same time. To create a new Playlist, click the sign at the top right of the Playlist Creator.

You can minimize an open Playlist by selecting Minimise in the Playlist Creator menu (⋮) at the top right of your tracks:

Saving playlists

Once you're ready to save your Playlist, click SaveThis opens the Save Playlist menu, which contains many different options, such as:

After making any changes to your Playlist from the Save Playlist menu, click Save Playlist.
A message will appear confirming that your Playlist was saved, and from here you can copy a shareable URL for your playlist, or use the Share this playlist button to share your Playlist.

Accessing saved Playlists

Once your Playlist is saved, it will be removed from the Playlist Creator, but it will be available in your Browse section under Playlists:

Click on the Playlist to open it in the Explorer:

Or open the Playlist Menu (⋮) to access Playlist Settings, sharing and editing options, and more:

To access the public view of your Playlist (to see how it looks outside of DISCO):

  1. Open the Playlist Menu (⋮).
  2. Select Share.
  3. From the Share Playlist menu, under the Copy URL tab, click the Open in new tab icon to the right of the Public playlist URL.
  4. The public view of your Playlist will open in a new tab: