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Artist and Album Pages

DISCO's Pages feature allows users to build great looking playlists that highlight an artist or release, allowing them to include artist and release images, bios, social links and videos.

Creating a new page  

Pages can be created in two places:

1. When managing the profile of an artist, navigate to the pages tab and generate a new showcase associated with that artist. This will auto-populate all of the tracks associated to the artist, but feel free to add and remove tracks as necessary.

2. When saving a playlist, navigate to the Presentation tab to convert a regular playlist into a Page.

Are you showcasing an artist or a specific piece of work? 

You will first need to decide if you will be showcasing an artist or a body of work created by an artist. Examples of Artist Pages could include an indie artist EPK, a composer reel, or a sampling of loops and beats made by a producer. Album Page examples could include an album, EP, or single release. The primary difference between an Artist and Album Pages is that an album showcase will have an album/single image and release date associated to it.

Choosing an Artist + Adding Content

If creating a showcase from an artist profile, the artist will be pre-filled. If no artist is pre-filled, choose an artist to associate with the Page. If you can't find the artist that you're looking for, check to make sure the artist field is filled out correctly on the track metadata. For more information about how artists are created and managed in DISCO click here

If the artist that you've chosen has imagery or a bio associated to it, the Page will pre-fill the artist image and the artist/album message If the particular Page calls for new images or bio information, you can add new content. Social links are universally updated and maintained for the artist. Editing social links for a Page will update everywhere else that artist is showcased.

Adding Video Content 

Adding a video will give pizzazz to your page. Search for an existing video file from your DISCO, or paste in a link from Youtube or Vimeo. 

Manage Settings 

You're almost done! Choose whether to show your business logo (it will be in the upper left hand corner), Contact info (a contact button on the page), or Lyrics (in an info icon next to tracks). 

Contact button:


View your beautiful DISCO Page

Once you've saved your playlist, you can preview the Page before sharing it.