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Changing the Track order in a Playlist

You can easily change the Track order in any Playlist.

At a glance

There's an option in the Playlist Menu (⋮) or you can do this from within the Playlist Creator when you edit your Playlist.

From the Playlist Menu

  1. Open the Playlist Menu (⋮) and select Change track order.
  2. Select one of the following presets from the drop-down:
    • Custom (default) - this reflects the order the Tracks are currently in
    • Artist: A-Z
    • Track title: A-Z
    • Date added (Newest to oldest)
    • Date added (Oldest to newest)
    • Year (Newest to oldest)
    • Year (Oldest to newest)
    • Track order (Ascending) - this will order Tracks by their Track order in the metadata
  3. Click the green Update button.

From the Playlist Creator

  1. Open the Playlist Menu (⋮) and select Edit playlist.
  2. In the Playlist Creator, you can either:
    • Drag to reorder the tracks:
    • Open the Playlist Creator Menu (⋮) and select Change track order and select from one of the available presets:
  3. Click Save in the Playlist Creator.

  4. In the Save Playlist menu, click the green Save Playlist button.