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Linking Artist Profiles

Linking artists allows you to link an artist's aliases together so that users will navigate to a consolidated artist page when clicking through from tracks with differing artist names from the track metadata.

For example, the aliases Johnny Cougar and John Cougar could all link back to a central John Mellencamp artist page. 

How do I link artists?

Artists can be linked in the All Artists section on the Libraries tab or in the Artists section of a library.

First, fill in the bio of the parent artist: the artist under which the other artist aliases will be nested. Save your work.


Next, click on the linked artist tab and type in the artists to link under this parent artist.

How do I view linked artists?

You can now view the parent artist page on your library, which will collate all of the associated tracks performed by John Mellencamp, Johnny Cougar or John Cougar.

Searching for any of the linked artists, like Johnny Cougar, will direct the user to this parent artist page for John Mellencamp.