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Inviting clients to DISCO Libraries

Once you've set up your content for your DISCO Library, you can start inviting clients or other people who you'd like to have access. This guide covers how invites and access work on DISCO Libraries. 

Setting your Library to live

To invite clients, you need to be subscribed to the Library feature. If you're not yet subscribed, you'll see a prompt on your main Libraries page, with a link to subscribe to Discovery Suite: 

Once you're subscribed, your Library will need to be 'live' for you to be able to invite clients to it. You can set your Library to Live via the toggle under Status on the main Library page: 

Or you can set a Library to Live within the Library via the toggle at the top right of the screen: 

Inviting clients to your Library by email

To grant clients access, you can invite them in the Clients & Promotion > Clients section of your Library, by clicking the Invite clients button: 

In the Invite clients pop up, enter the name and email of the person you want to invite, a message (optional) and click Invite:

Clients will get an email with a link to your Library. If they have a DISCO account, they'll be able to use that to sign in. If they don't have a DISCO account, they can create one to access your Library. Accessing Libraries on DISCO is free. 

Once they log in to your Library, the status next to the client will change from Invited to Approved

Getting and approving access requests from clients

At the top section of your Library, you'll see the shareable Public URL for your Library, as well as the View Library option: 

If you share this link with people, they can log in if you've invited them, or they can request access via the Library. When they request access, the user in your DISCO who created the Library will get a notification in app that someone has requested access: 

People who have requested access will show in your Clients list with the status Pending. To approve them, click the menu under Actions, and select Approve: 

You can also reject the access request, by selecting Deny from the same menu. That client will then show with the status Rejected: