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MultiDISCO Search feature guide (for music supervisors)

MultiDISCO Search is a feature for music supervisors to make finding Tracks from opted-in DISCO Catalogs even easier. It works alongside our existing search function, as well as Similarity Search, and is super easy to use, without leaving your own DISCO!

At a glance

Check out this quick video from the School of DISCO explaining MultiDISCO Search:

Using MultiDISCO Search (for music supervisors)

The below is intended for users on a DISCO supervisor plan:

  1. Do a keyword search* or a Similarity Search using the top bar of your DISCO.
    *At this time, MultiDISCO search is not supported for Advanced searches (that include filters).
  2. A Search Results feed will appear with two separate panes:
    The top pane shows results from your own DISCO.
    To see more of these results, click + load more results.
    The bottom pane, labeled More tracks from across DISCO, shows results from opted-in Catalogs.
    To minimize these results, click the arrow.
  3. Only the first 10 results under More tracks from across DISCO will be shown, but more will load as you continue scrolling.
  4. Right from the comfort of your own DISCO, you can:
    • stream the track
    • share the Track
    • download the Track
    • add the Track to your Starred items
    • view the Track Information (including the link to the Catalog and the Catalog owner's contact info)
    • drag and drop the Track into the Playlist Creator or a Channel

Hiding the MultiDISCO Search results

If you would rather only see search results from your own DISCO, you can minimize the MultiDISCO Search results pane by clicking the arrow:

These results will stay minimized for subsequent searches.

The difference between MultiDISCO search and Discover Music

MultiDISCO Search

MultiDISCO Search is available on supervisor plans. It is not a separate tool, as it is integrated with the existing search function in the top bar of a supervisor DISCO. Once a search is performed, a feed of search results will populate with two panes: the first containing Tracks and Playlists from their own DISCO, and the second containing Tracks and Playlists from the opted-in Catalogs of other DISCOs. Once the supervisor finds something of interest, they can click to open the Track in the explorer of their own DISCO.

Discover Music

Discover Music is another feature specific to supervisor plans. It is a separate tool found under the Discovery Suite menu in the left sidebar of a supervisor DISCO. The Discover Music page presents supervisors with an existing feed of opted-in Catalogs (not individual Tracks) to browse through, without having to search. But, there is also a search component on the page that can be used. Once the supervisor finds something of interest, they can click to open the Catalog in a separate tab or window.

In summary, the key differences between MultiDISCO Search and Discover Music are:

MultiDISCO SearchDiscover Music
is integrated with the existing search functionis a separate tool
requires a search to be performed to find contentcontent is pre-populated on the page (search is optional)
presents a feed of individual Trackspresents a feed of Catalogs, not individual Tracks

Setting your DISCO Catalog content to appear in MultiDISCO Search results (for rights holders)

The below is intended for rights holders on DISCO who are using Catalogs and want to make their content readily available for music supervisors:

If you'd like your Catalog Tracks to appear in MultiDISCO Search, you'll need to publish your Catalog and enable the Easy access setting to opt-in.