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Artists in DISCO

Artist Creation

Artists are created automatically in DISCO from the artist field on track metadata. The artists section in browse will compile all the tracks for an artist that are present in your DISCO. 

If you can't find an artist in your DISCO, ensure that the artist name is present in the track metadata and spelled correctly. 

Editing Artist Profiles 

It's possible to edit an artist profile to add an artist image, an artist bio, and social links. The artist profile will be the same one that is displayed in any of your DISCO libraries. The image and bio from the artist profile will also pre-populate to any artist or album Pages created associated to that artist. However, it is possible to change the imagery/bio associated to specific Pages independently from the master artist profile.

From an artist object it's also possible to link other artist profiles together. Read more about linking artists here.

Creating Artist or Album Pages

You can create also create an Artist or Album Page from the artist profile. Once pages have been created for an artist, they will appear in browse.