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Contacts – Managing your contacts in DISCO

DISCO's Contacts feature lets you manage your contacts in DISCO. 

In Contacts, you can easily add all the people you work with and then manage their contact information, view their activity on the lists you share, and add notes to their profiles that will be viewable by anyone else in your DISCO. You can also add and manage any Writers you work with.

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Adding contacts

1. Adding a single contact

Anyone you share playlists with will automatically appear in your Contacts list, but you can also add contacts yourself. To add a single contact, open the dropdown next to the Add new contacts button at the top right of the page, and select Add a single contact

This will bring up a pop up where you can enter your contact's information, including their name, email, phone number, company location and tag: 

With tags, you can choose from the following pre-selected tags: 

• Label

• Publisher

• Supervisor

• Writer

• Other

Or create your own by typing the name of your tag and confirming. 

When adding a contact, name and email must be filled out (email is not required if the contact type is Writer). If you're adding a writer, you can add their publisher, any acts they perform in, and their PRO (performing rights organisation): 

You can find out more about managing writers and their info in our main Writers Help guide.  

2. Adding multiple contacts via spreadsheet

If you'd like to add multiple contacts at once, and have them stored on a spreadsheet, you can upload a .csv of your contacts into DISCO. To upload your CSV, open the dropdown next to the Add new contacts button at the top right of the page, and select Import contacts from spreadsheet:

Next, upload your contacts .csv file and click Import contacts

In the next screen, you can match the fields in your spreadsheet with the columns that DISCO's Contacts feature supports (name, email, phone number, company, territory, and tag). DISCO will also attempt to do this automatically:

Once your contacts are imported, you'll get a success message, and can click through to view all your contacts or add them to a mailing list:

Searching contacts

You can search all the information in your contacts table using the search bar at the top left of the Contacts page: 

Viewing contacts

To view a contact, just click on their name in the Contacts list. Once you click on a contact, you'll be taken to their contact page, where can view their details, their activity, and their notes. 

1. Details

Details lists all the contact information for the contact, plus their tags. If they're a Writer, it will list their publishers and PROs (for more on managing Writers, view our main Writers guide here.)

2. Activity

The Activity tabs lets you view any lists you've shared with the contact, and their activity on those lists. You can hover over any blue numbers to see more detailed, track-specific stats: 

3. Notes

In the notes section, you can add notes about the contact, and view other notes added by your team: 

Editing and deleting contacts

You can edit contacts in a couple of different ways. If you’re viewing the contact's page, you can edit the contact’s details by clicking the Edit button at the top right of the Details section.

To edit contacts in the list view, just click the pencil icon to the right of the contact, make your changes, and then click the pencil again to save:

If you'd like to edit multiple contacts at once, click the checkboxes next to the contacts and then click the pencil icon next to one of the contacts, or open the top right Actions menu, and choose 'Edit Selected'. The Actions menu also lets you delete contacts:

Sharing and contacts

All of your contacts will be available to search and send to when sharing playlists: 

Exporting Contacts

All of your contacts can be exported to a CSV file by any admin in your DISCO. You can export all contacts at once by selecting the three dotted icon and the Export all contacts to CSV option.

If you'd like to export a selection of only some of your contacts instead, click the checkboxes next to the contacts required, then open the top right Actions menu and choose Export selected to CSV.

Users who are not account admins will see these options, but they will be disabled. Non-admins will need to 
reach out to your account admins to assist you with contact exports.