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Using Contact Tags

DISCO's Contact tags help you quickly label, search, and filter your Contacts within your Contacts and Mailing Lists pages, and when sending emails via our Email Creator.

Adding Contact tags

You can add Contact tags to existing Contacts, or upon Contact creation. When adding Contact tags, you can either select pre-set tags from the drop-down or type in the field to create your own.

Add Contacts tags when creating a new Contact:

1. From the left sidebar, select Contacts.

2. From the Contacts page, select Add new contact in the top right.

2. Fill in the required Contact information.

3. In the Tags field, select from the list of existing tags, or type to add a new tag.

Add Contact tags to existing Contacts:

1. From the left sidebar, select Contacts.

2. From the Contacts page, click the Edit pencil to the right of the desired Contact.

2. Click the icon to Add contact tags.

3. Select from the list of existing tags, or type to add a new tag.


Removing Contact tags

To remove a Contact tag, you can either:

1. Edit the Contact, and click the X at the end of the tag, or

2. Edit the Contact, open the Add Contact tag menu, and click to unselect it: 

Importing Contact tags from a spreadsheet

You can also import Contact tags along with your other contact data when adding contacts via spreadsheet

All you have to do is include a column with your tags in the csv spreadsheet you're importing. Note that all tags for a individual contact should go in a single cell, separated by commas:

DISCO will automatically add these individual tags during import.

The Writer tag 

If you select the 'Writer' tag, you'll see extra fields specific to writers, like Publisher and PRO: 

Using Contact tags in the Email Creator

Contact tags make it easy to target the right recipients for your Email Creator emails. When choosing recipients for your Campaigns, you can add rules based on Contact tags to include or exclude recipients: 

You might make a filter, for instance, to send to all users tagged 'supervisor': 

If you change the top rule to 'Users who match any of these rules', you can send to users who match either of multiple tags, for instance sending to anyone with the tag 'supervisor' or the tag 'influencer':