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Watermarking your music files in DISCO

Watermark a Playlist 

There are three primary ways to watermark your music files in DISCO: 

1. When saving a playlist 

Toggle "Watermark Playlist" on.

2. When sharing a playlist  

You can turn watermarking on and off from the security tab.

3. From the Watermarking home page

Click on "watermark playlist" to choose a new playlist to watermark.

Remove watermarking from any playlist via the actions menu.

Share a Watermarked Playlist

To ensure that the watermarked files will be able to be traced back to individual recipients, we recommend emailing the playlist directly or assigning a URL to each of your recipients. 

Open the Share Area

For sending to large groups of people, we recommend utilizing the DISCO Email Creator which will automatically assign Watermarks to each contact on the blast.

Trace a leaked file

While the presence of DISCOs watermarks should discourage file leaking, we have you covered if a leak should occur. 

Upload the leaked file on the pop up and submit.

To learn more about how to optimize your watermarking workflow visit DISCO Watermarking 101.