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Using the Bulk Uploader

We recommend using our Bulk Uploader app when you have a large number of tracks to upload, such as during the initial upload of your catalog. You can download the latest version of the app for Windows or Mac here.

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Getting started with the Bulk Uploader

Your first upload step-by-step

1. Upon opening the app, enter a full DISCO URL (e.g., https://mycompany.disco.ac) and click Next. 

You can copy your company url from the browser url bar.

2. If you’re uploading music to your own DISCO, select “I’m a member of this DISCO” and select Ok.

3. Next, enter your DISCO username and password and log in. Your username is the email address linked with your account. 

4. Once you’ve logged in, click ‘Add folder’ to select a folder to upload. The app will upload all contents in the folder you select, including the contents in any subfolders that exist. Check out this section for tips on selecting the right folders in your filesystem.

The Uploader will then analyze the folders and files before starting the upload:

Once the files are all analyzed, they will begin uploading. You can pause and resume your upload at any time via the blue ‘Pause/Start uploading’ button: 

You can add additional folders to your upload queue at any time by clicking 'Add Folder' again.

Monitoring upload progress

For each folder you select to upload, you will see a percentage indicating upload progress.

When your upload is complete, the indicator will show 100% and the X will turn into a ✓.

While you can click on the ✓ as soon as it's displayed to clear the upload, we suggest waiting until you receive your email confirmation that the upload is complete before you do so.

Help! My upload seems stuck!

If your upload seems to have stalled out and is not making progress, it's best that you not cancel the upload by clicking the X to the right of the folder. In some cases our Support staff may be able to give the upload a nudge on our end to help it complete, but we're not able to do this if the upload is canceled.

Instead of canceling, first try the troubleshooting steps listed in the article Tips and troubleshooting steps for the Bulk Uploader. If you're still having trouble, please contact our Support team.

Selecting high level folders using DISCO Uploader

When using DISCO Uploader, you don't have to select every folder you want to upload individually. Instead, select the highest level folder that contains media you want to upload.

Example: You want to upload your entire music catalog, all of which is stored in a folder called "My Music". That folder contains a subfolder for each artist in your catalog, and those folders in turn contain folders for each album.

In this example, the only folder you need to select in DISCO Uploader is “My Music”. This will upload all subfolders and files contained within the folder “My Music”, regardless of level.

DISCO Uploader automatically creates playlists from your lowest level folders. In our example, you would end up with a playlist called "Revolver" containing every file within that folder.

Uploading tracks that have multiple formats

If you’re uploading a track in both an uncompressed format (e.g., WAV, AIFF) and a compressed format (e.g., MP3), we suggest placing them in the same lowest-level subfolder before uploading. This will result in both versions of the track being in the same playlist, which would have been automatically created using the name of the subfolder. 

Although not strictly necessary, we suggest doing this whenever possible as it speeds up the process of merging both formats into a single track. While you can merge tracks on your own using the merge function, we suggest reaching out to our Support team for assistance merging large numbers of tracks.