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Duplicate tracks and merging

DISCO's merge feature is a great way to deal with duplicate files. Merge lets you remove duplicate tracks while keeping the tracks' place and history in your lists.

How to merge tracks

To merge tracks, select the tracks you want to merge using multiple select, and click the small two-pronged arrow icon at the bottom of your page:

You can then choose which track you want to be your 'master track' – the copy of the track that will remain after the merge. Typically, you'll want to choose the track that has the most accurate and complete metadata as the master track. 

You can check the metadata of the different tracks by selecting the checkbox to the left of the tracks in the top right section of the window:

When you've selected your master track, click Merge tracks:

After the merge one track will remain, but it will appear in any playlists all previous duplicate copies showed up in.

Passing across a lossless format

In some cases, the track you want to be your master track either doesn't have a lossless format (like an AIFF or a WAV) or the lossless format associated with the track isn't the one you want to use.  

If the track you're discarding in the merge contains a lossless format version, you can choose to pass this version across to the master track.

In the example below, the lower track is selected as the master track, but the lossless WAV version is being passed across from the upper track. The MP3 format version of the upper track will be discarded during the merge.