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Adding different formats of the same track

When you upload a wav or aiff or any of these other non-mp3 audio formats, DISCO will create an mp3 copy of the file and store it alongside the original file. 

DISCO also lets you manage these formats manually, via our Manage Files & Formats feature. 

Using the Manage formats feature you can: 

replace track audio files

• add additional audio formats of the same track

• remove audio formats of a track.

Adding and removing track formats

To add or remove a track format, click on the track menu, and choose Manage Files & Formats:

The Manage formats window will show you the current formats for the track. You can add up to one lossy (mp3 or m4a) and one lossless (wav and aiff) format per track. You can also remove tracks by clicking Delete next to the format.

You can also replace existing files

Deleting formats

To delete a format, click the red Delete button. If both lossy and lossless formats are present, you'll only be able to delete the lossless version. (After the lossless version is deleted, you'll then be able to delete the lossy version.) If only a lossy version is present, deleting it will delete the entire track. 

When you try to delete a format, you'll get a confirmation message.

Adding a format

To or add a file or format, click + Add format, and then upload the track in the window. 

WAV + AIFF feature

DISCO has a premium feature on some plans that will offer an AIFF where a WAV is present, and a WAV where an AIFF is present. These formats will be available to download in app and for recipients. These extra formats won't show in Manage formats, though – this view will only show the format you uploaded, and the mp3 copy.