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AIFF to WAV and WAV to AIFF converter

DISCO offers an AIFF to WAV / WAV to AIFF converter on select plans (Pro, Artist, Music Supervisor, and Enterprise).

This feature gives you more flexibility with your content and saves everyone time when downloading multiple formats. It also makes it easy to deliver AIFFs, which are great, because unlike WAVs, they carry metadata 🙌

How it works:

When you upload a Track to DISCO in one format (e.g. WAV), the converter will create a copy of that Track in the other format (e.g. AIFF), and vice versa. 

The two formats (AIFF and WAV) would then be available for you and your recipients to download.

Saving and Downloading Tracks in other formats:

  1. Open the Public Playlist URL.
  2. In the top right corner, select More formats and options.
  3. Select the desired format(s).
  4. Select either Save to DISCO or Download selection.