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Inboxes let people send you files directly to your DISCO. People can send you files in two ways: 

• via their own DISCO

• via your own public upload page.

Receiving music via your inboxes cuts out the endless cycle of downloading and uploading, and lets you get on with things you'd rather be doing.

Personal and team inboxes

There are two main types of inboxes in DISCO: your personal Inbox, which is unique to you, and a Team Inbox, which is a general Inbox for your DISCO team (if you have one). 

In the left-hand nav, you'll see both inboxes (your personal inbox shows as 'Inbox'): 

Each inbox has a public URL – a public page where anyone with the link can send files directly to you. 

Anyone can send you files –– they don't have to be DISCO users.

Finding your Inbox URLs

You can grab the link for the inbox's upload page at the top of the Inbox via the link icon: 

Getting notified when you've received files

When you've sent files, you’ll be notified via email and in-app in the notification centre, top right:

And via a notification badge on the inbox itself:

The sender will also get a confirmation email telling them their files were sent. 

Importing music from your Inbox

By default, tracks you receive in your Inbox are not automatically added to your DISCO library. You have control over what's added.

You can add a whole playlist you’ve received or individual tracks from it to your library as you wish via the star function: 

Favouriting tracks from the Inbox or Team Inbox will add them to both your own library and your team's library, and will make them searchable in your DISCO. 

You can also add them to your DISCO by dragging and dropping them into the Playlist Creator and saving them in a playlist. 

Removing music from your Inbox

You can remove playlists and tracks from your inbox using the x. If the playlist or track has not yet been imported, clicking the x will delete the playlist or track. If it's already been imported, clicking the will just remove the playlist or track from the inbox.

If you haven't yet imported the playlist or track into your library, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete it from DISCO:

Custom inboxes

On our premium plans, you can create Custom inboxes. These are handy to use for, say, a particular catalogue you work with that delivers files regularly, or a project you're working on. Create custom inboxes in Settings > Inboxes.

Managing inboxes

Admins can also manage memberships for inboxes in Settings > Inboxes

Managers of inboxes will be emailed notifications when new playlists are received and get a notification in the app. Members will just get a notification in the app. Only managers can delete and edit inboxes, and change the permissions.

In the inbox settings view, you can also add a message that will appear on the inbox's public upload page, which is useful for advising senders how you'd like to receive files.