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Playlist Stats

After sharing a Playlist, you can view the Stats to see if and how your recipient(s) interacted with it.

At a glance

Stats are generated on shared Playlists, but depending on the share method selected, only some stats will show specifically which recipient took a particular action.

What's included in Playlist Stats

Playlist Stats show who* has accessed your playlist, what action(s) were taken, and the number of each action taken. Actions include:

*Dependent on the share method selected.

These actions are listed in the top row:

How Stats are assigned to recipients

Stats are assigned to specific recipients based on which method you used to share your Playlist.

Both the Email playlist directly and Assign URL to a contact Playlist share methods will assign stats to the specific recipients selected.
The Copy URL method will also generate stats, but these will be aggregated under "Other recipients."

Viewing Playlist Stats

View all Stats for a particular Playlist

You can either:

View all Stats for a particular Contact

You can either:

Breaking down the specifics

You can see which specific Tracks were streamed and downloaded by hovering over the green numbers:
If there is a higher amount of activity, you'll be able to scroll down in the hover pop-up to see it all:

The Stats page may also look different depending on the scenario.

Team Inbox Stats

When you share a Playlist to a Team Inbox of another DISCO, you'll see individualized stats for users already in your Contacts. The activity of all other users is aggregated under "Other recipients" to protect the privacy of those users.


You can see activity from the user Jason Sample because we sent this Playlist to a Team Inbox that Jason had access to, and Jason is a Contact in our DISCO. Activity from other users who have access to that Inbox is listed under "Other recipients" because they are not Contacts in our DISCO.