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How do I view access statistics my playlists?

To check access stats for your playlist, click the playlist menu and select Stats

This will show who has accessed your playlist, and what actions they've taken: page views, playlist downloads, track streams and track downloads. Hover over the green numbers for track streams and downloads to view which tracks were streamed and downloaded:

Stats when sharing to a Team Inbox

When you share a playlist to a Team inbox of another DISCO, you will see individualized stats for those users that are already in your contact list. The activity of all other users are aggregated under "Other recipients". This is to protect the privacy of those users who are not yet added in your DISCO as contacts. 

For example, in the below screenshot, you can see the activity of the user Jason Sample, because Jason is a contact of the DISCO which shared the playlist. But all other activity is aggregated under "Other recipients", because none of the other users are listed as contacts.