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Easy access setting for rights holders in Catalogs

DISCO Catalogs have an Easy access setting to simplify the experience for music supervisors to discover and utilize Tracks!

Supervisors are often working on a tight timeline and every hour counts, so we gave them an easy way to find Easy access Catalogs in their Discover Music feed, and in their MultiDISCO Search results!

Before Easy access, supervisors had to request access to a Catalog or be invited by a rights holder to save or download the Tracks they wanted to use.

Enabling the Easy access setting on your Catalog

In general, we recommend enabling Easy access on your Catalog so that once a supervisor finds a track they like, they can instantly add it to their Playlists or pitches for a project!

To enable Easy access on your Catalog:

  1. On the left sidebar, under Discovery Suite, select Catalogs.
  2. On the Catalogs page, under My Catalogs, click on the name of the desired Catalog to open the Catalog Settings.
    Alternatively, you can open the Action menu (⋯) to the right of the Catalog name, and select Manage.
  3. From Catalog Settings, under Clients & Promotion, select Access & promotion.
  4. Under Allow supervisors to access my Catalog, select the Easy access option.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click the Update Catalog settings button.

Note: The Easy access option under Allow supervisors to access my Catalog is separate from the login options under Access settings.
For example, you could select both Easy access and Log in required to view. This would mean that supervisors must log in with their credentials to view your Catalog.

Stats for Easy access Catalogs

You will receive stats when a supervisor opens, streams, or saves a track from your Catalog that has appeared in their Catalog search.

However, to protect their privacy, their activity will remain anonymous, so you will only see which company they are accessing your Catalog from, not their name or email.

Activity in the Users view will look like this: "[Company Name] - Supervisor."

But, if supervisors have already accepted an invitation to your Catalog or are later invited to your Catalog, their regular contact info will be displayed: