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Nesting tracks

Nesting is a great way to organize related tracks in DISCO, like the main vocal version of a track and its instrumentals and stems. Nesting allows you to group track versions and keep things organized.

How do I nest my tracks?

The central place to create and manage nested tracks is the Manage nesting option found in the track menu:

Here you can add nested tracks from your DISCO, upload new tracks to nest, remove tracks from the nested set, add stems, and change the nesting labels for individual tracks.

What are nesting labels?

Nesting labels appear next to the track in Browse within DISCO and on track and playlist share pages and Catalogs. The available labels are: A cappella, Cutdown, Instrumental, Main, Mix, Other, Stem

A nested set can only have one Main trackunder which all other versions and stems will sit. 

Stems are treated differently to other versions. Stems are designed to store separated out parts of your tracks (like vocals or individual instruments). Stems are not shared by default and are found in their own section under other nested versions. All stems will collectively count as 1 version on the badge counter of the main track. 

How do I enable nesting on an existing playlist?

Playlists created prior to the release of the nesting feature will have both versions and stems turned off. By default, all newly created Playlists will have nested versions turned on and stem sharing turned off.

To access the share playlist nesting controls:

  1. Open the Playlist menu (â‹®).
  2. Select Playlist Settings.
  3. From the Playlist Info tab, under Content Settings, set the Include nested track versions and Share stems toggles to ON (they should appear green).
  4. Click Save Playlist.

How do nested tracks count towards my track quota?

Each nested version will count as 1 track against your track quota. You can have a maximum of 20 nested versions per Main track. 

Stems, however, are counted differently: one set of stems per Main track will only count as 1 track on your track quota. You can have up to 100 Stems per Main track. 

Note: If you don't tag the track as a stem, it will be considered a version and count towards your track count.