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Assigning links to contacts

In the Share pop up for each playlist, you now have two options for sharing your lists with recipients: 

• email the playlist directly, or

• assign a link to the recipient.  

Assigning a link to a recipient is handy if you'd like to share the list with someone and track their activity, but you want to use some other means other than DISCO's email function to get the link to them. You might want to send it to them in an email conversation you have going, for instance. 

Assigning URLs

To assign a URL, just open the sharing pop up and click the Assign a URL to a contact tab. Then enter the name or the email of the person you'd like to assign the link to:

Click Assign URL, and a specific share link for that contact will automatically be copied to the clipboard: 

You can also go back and copy it any time by opening the Share pop up for that playlist and clicking the Copy URL link alongside your contact's name. 

Once you assign a link to your contact, you'll see that contact in your list of shares, where you can edit it later on if you need to. You'll also see a link to the Access stats, which will show you the activity of your recipients: 

You can assign URLs to anyone except DISCO inboxes: if you'd like to send to a DISCO inbox, send to them using the 'Email playlist directly' tab.