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Glossary of terms used in our "Type" track tags

Like any industry, sync/music licensing has its share of confusing shop talk and lingo.

While most of our track tags may be self-explanatory, some tags contain industry terms that not all are familiar with.

Below you will find a list of definitions for each of our TYPE track tags:


Cover: A cover song is a new recording or version of a song recorded by an artist other than the original artist who made the track popular. 

Demo: Demos are recordings that artists make to practice songwriting, prep for a recording session, or pitch options to record labels/publishers. 

Easy Clear: A track is "easy clear" if there are no complex issues surrounding clearance of both master and publishing rights. An example of a complex issue would be if a licensee has to contact a large number of parties to secure clearance.

Focus Track: A focus track is an extra special track - simply a way to highlight the best of the best.

Mainstream: A popular song, generally released by a major record label. 

One Stop: A track is "one stop" if a licensee only has to contact one party to clear both the master and publishing rights. 

Recognizable: A track that is familiar to the general public or whichever audience you are sharing with.

Rerecord: A re-recording of a preleased track often done by the original recording artist. The purpose of re-recording a track is usually to give the original recording artist a master and get paid for its use in sync if the original recording is controlled by a label. 

Sample: A short "sample" of an existing recording used in a new recording.

Score: Music that was written specifically for the purpose of accompanying a film or a TV show. A score is usually instrumental and is generally used to set the mood or tone of the film. 

Sound design: An audio track that incorporates multiple elements (often non-musical in nature) arranged using audio production software. These tracks are usually meant to accompany a film or other visual media. 

Soundtrack: Individual songs used in a film, which may be excerpts of the score or popular songs. These tracks were likely included in the soundtrack album that was released. Example: Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" from the film Titanic. 

Sting: A short musical phrase generally used in broadcasting or film as an audio punctuation.