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Setting up a custom domain for your DISCO Library

Note: This process only applies to accounts that have active subscriptions to Discovery Suite/DISCO Libraries.

If you'd like to set up a custom domain for your DISCO Library, we can assist you. To setup a custom domain, you'll need to add CNAME records that we provide you to your domain's DNS (Domain Name Service) configuration. 

Note that this process is quite technical and requires that you have access to your DNS (Domain Name Service) provider's control panel. Your DNS provider may be your webhost, domain registrar, or a third party such as CloudFlare- if you're uncertain, we suggest reaching out to your webhost directly. 

If you don't have access to your DNS provider's control panel or you're not sure if you have access, please contact your webmaster or a member of your IT team.

Each DISCO can have up to three custom domains configured for their DISCO Library.

Step 1: Requesting CNAME Records

The first step is to request the necessary CNAME records by filling out this form.

Note: This step is mandatory and you cannot complete the subsequent steps until your form has been processed.

You can either setup your DISCO Library as a subdomain (e.g. library.great-music.com) or you can setup your DISCO Library URL as your primary domain (e.g. great-music.com). If you setup your DISCO Library as your primary domain, you will not be able to use the domain for anything else, so please keep that in mind. Please note that domains like great-music.com/library are not currently supported. 

Once you've submitted the form and our Support team has received the request, we will generate the necessary records and email them to you along with this guide. Requests are added to a queue, so please note it might take some time before your domain is processed.

Step 2: Adding CNAME Records

Next, you'll be adding the CNAME records our Support team provided you to your domain's DNS records.

The process for adding CNAME records varies depending on which DNS provider you use- consequently we are just going over the basic process here. We suggest checking your DNS provider's documentation or contacting their support team if you need specific directions. You can find links to the relevant documentation for a few common DNS providers at the bottom of this page.

  1. Log into your DNS provider's control panel. 
  2. Locate the area of where you update DNS records. The name of the area varies by provider; it may be called DNS Manager, Zone Editor, Domain Manager, or something similar.
  3. Create two CNAME records using the "Names" and "Values" provided to you. You can find examples of CNAME records for your reference below.








It's important to note that some services, such as GoDaddy, automatically append your domain at the end of any host records you add. Consequently, if you were to enter "_214j14833d54d8a.library.great-music.com", it would result in a CNAME host record of "_214j14833d54d8a.library.great-music.com.great-music.com".

Take a look at existing host records on your control panel. if the existing records don’t include your domain URL, that means you likely don't have to enter it when creating new CNAME records- so in our example you would enter "_214j14833d54d8a.library" rather than "_214j14833d54d8a.library.great-music.com" and "library" rather than "library.great-music.com".

Note for CloudFlare users: when adding CNAME records, make sure that you turn off the "Cloudflare Proxy" setting for the CNAME records that you're adding. See their documentation for more info.

Step 3: Contact DISCO Support & Wait For Confirmation

Once you've added your CNAME records, contact our Support team so that we can initiate the final steps in setting up your DISCO Library to use your own domain. Once we've completed the final steps, we will reach out and let you know when your custom domain is live. These final steps generally take up to 3 business days.

Until we have reached out confirming that your custom domain is live, your DISCO Library will not be accessible on your custom domain. It will, however still be accessible to clients via your normal DISCO Library URL.

Feel free to reach out with any questions- we're always happy to help!

DNS Provider Specific Documentation

Below we've compiled documentation on adding DNS records for a few of the more popular DNS providers: