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Using DISCO track tags

DISCO's track tag feature lets you quickly and easily tag your tracks with a couple of clicks, and then use those tags to search and discover your music. DISCO track tags are available on all plans on the new design. 

DISCO track tags

There are over 150 pre-set tags to choose from. We developed these tags by surveying the most common tags used in sync and music generally. 

The tags are under seven key categories: tempo, mood/feel, genre, instrumentation, vocals, lyrical themes and type. (You can also add your own tags if you like, more on that below.)

Through this tag set, we want to greatly simplify music searching within the DISCO eco system and beyond, by creating a consistent, universal discovery language for music, so everyone's on the same page.

View the full tag set here.

Tagging your tracks

You can add tags in a few ways: 

1. In the track panel

To add tracks in the track panel, open the track, and either click the 'Add tags' link, or the tag icon at the top right: 

You can also tag tracks from the track panel, via the same tag icon: 

2. From the player

Quickly tag tracks you're listening to, by clicking the tag icon at the bottom left of the player: 

3. In the track info pop up

Tag editing is available when editing one track or multiple tracks, in the 'Tags' tab: 

Adding tags

In the tag adding pop up, search for tags by typing, select recently added tags, or browse the tags in the categories: 

Removing tags

You can remove tags from single tracks by deselecting them in the tag pop up, or by clicking the x that appears when you hover over a tag in the track panel: 

Adding and removing tags on multiple tracks

You can batch edit tags on tracks in the edit multiple view. Select any combination of tracks, and then select 'Edit Selected' from the Actions menu, or choose 'Edit all' from the playlist menu. 

When editing tags for multiple tracks at once, you'll see some different icons next to the tracks: 

The tick/check icon means that tag is on all selected tracks. The dash icon means that tag is present on some of the selected tracks. 

If you click on the check icon, you'll see an option to remove that tag from all selected tracks: 

And if you click on the dash icon, you'll see an option to add that tag to all selected tracks: 

Adding custom tags

If you'd like to add your own tags, you can add them in Settings > Tags, via the 'Add tags' link: 

Note that tags need to be added to the existing tag categories: 

We do recommend using the existing tags where possible, as these tags can be automatically returned by our upcoming auto-tagging feature, and they'll also be familiar to other people you share with on DISCO. 

DISCO's pre-set tags cannot be edited or deleted.

Adding tags via csv

If you'd like to add tags in bulk via csv, or map across existing tags from somewhere else (in metadata or DISCO comments, or another spreadsheet), we can help – get in touch with us via the in app chat. 

Searching tags

You can search any tags in the main search bar by typing in the tag name. But the easiest way to refine your catalogue by the tags is to click on the tags in the track detail panel. This will bring up a tag explorer view, where you can select multiple tags from a list of suggested tags to find the right track: 

You can also search tags in advanced search:


Tags and metadata

DISCO track tags can be set to write to the Comments field on download (or when saved to another DISCO) in Settings >> Business Settings:

Example of track sent from another DISCO where the Track tags were written into the Comments metadata field: