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Generating Reports

DISCO's Reports feature was designed to help you gather data about your Playlists and the Tracks within those Playlists. Reports are generated at the Playlist level.

You can customize Reports using basic reporting fields, Filters, and More Options to see things like:

Important note regarding subscriptions:

The Lite plan does not offer any reporting features.

The Plus plan allows for limited reporting features (basic reporting fields, and Filters only).

The Pro plan allows for all reporting features (including basic reporting fields, Filters, and More Options).

More about subscriptions and features can be found here.

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Accessing Reports

To access Reports:

  1. Open the Settings menu (the person icon) in the top-right corner of your DISCO.
  2. Select Insights.
  3. From the Insights page, select Reports on the left side.

Generating Reports using basic reporting fields

There are six basic reporting fields included with the Plus plan and above:

Below is a list of these fields and what they mean:

Select date range

By default, reports will be for all time, but you can specify a specific date range by clicking on the date field. There, you can choose a preset date range (last 30 or 90 days, for instance) or a custom period: 

Select metadata

The Select metadata field lets you filter your report by particular track metadata or DISCO comments. You can search your entire DISCO metadata in the main field: 

Or, by clicking on the Metadata dropdown, you can refine your search to a particular metadata field, or a DISCO client or internal comment: 

Playlist title

The Playlist Title field lets you filter your report based on Playlist title, or even just a single term in the title.

Generated by user

The Generated by user field lets you filter your report to playlists created by specific members of your team.


Sent to client

The Sent to client field lets you filter your report to playlists you've shared to a particular recipient. 

Featuring writer

The Featuring writer field lets you filter your report to playlists featuring at least one track with a split by a particular writer. 

Generating Reports using Filters

There are three Filters are included in the Plus plan and above:

Below is a list of Filters and what they mean:

Filter by channel

Available in the middle Filters section, the Filter by channel filter lets you refine your report to playlists in a particular channel or channels. Note that when you add multiple playlists in the channel filter, the report will give you playlists in any of those channels, rather than playlists which are in each of the selected channels: 

Filter by tag

Also available in the middle Filters section, the Filter by tags filter lets you refine your report to playlists tagged with particular playlist tags. Unlike the channel filter, entering multiple tags in the tag filter will give you only playlists that feature all of the selected tags. 

Client list only

The Client lists only filter lets you filter your report to only those playlists marked 'Client Version'.

Generating Reports using More Options

The Reports feature has a More options section that allows you to include a broader range of information in your report, including General options, Track information, and Writer information.

Note: The More options section is only available on Pro plans and above.

General options

Include access stats

Checking Include access stats will include downloads and stream activity for the playlist. If no recipient is chosen in the report, total stats for the playlists will be shown; these will be totals, and won't be broken down by recipient.

If a recipient is selected, stats for just that recipient will be shown.

Include tags

Checking Include tags will include any playlist tags applied to the playlists. Multiple tags will be comma separated.

Include recipients

Checking Include recipients will include any users the playlist was shared to via DISCO, either via email share or assigned URLs.

Include user who created the playlist

Checking Include user who created the playlist will include the user in your DISCO who created the playlist.

Track information

The checkboxes in Track information let you output metadata and other track information in the report. By default, the report will include track artist, title and album metadata, but you can also choose to include any of the other track metadata fields DISCO supports, plus PRO number, and Notes. 

Writer information

The checkboxes in Writer information let you output writer split information, including writer name, split %, publisher and PRO. 

Previewing and Downloading Reports

When you've selected your filters and options, click Preview report to see a preview of your results, Download report > Export to Excel to export the results as a .xlsx file, or Download report >  Export to csv to export the files to .csv. 

Smaller reports should be downloadable immediately; larger reports will be emailed to you.