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DISCO's Insights dashboard gives you powerful insights on how your music and files are being used –– both by your team and the people you send music to. 

Get insights on what tracks you send the most, what lists are performing the best, who your most active recipients are, and much more. 

Accessing Insights

You can access your Insights dashboard from the top right menu: 

The insights dashboard is split into two views: My Team, which are stats from your own team, and Recipients, which are stats from people you send files to. 

My Team Insights

The My Team Insights view lets you see how your team are using your music and other files. In the My Team view, you can see: 

• how many tracks and playlists you've added, and how many uploads you've received

• most played tracks and videos

• most pitched files (these are the files included in the most playlists)

• most playlists created by team member 

You can adjust the period you're looking at stats for using the date picker. 

Recipient Insights

The Recipient Insights view lets you get powerful insights into how your recipients are accessing your music and other files. In the Insights view, you can see: 

• the number of streams, playlist downloads and individual downloads your tracks and videos have had

• most accessed playlist

• most downloaded playlist

• most streamed tracks and videos

• most downloaded files

• most active end users