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Accessing DISCO using your mobile web browser

If you're on an iPhone or Android, the best way to use DISCO on your mobile is through our new iPhone app. You can find download links for each version of the app here

If you don't have the app, you can still access your DISCO using your mobile device's web browser.

With the mobile browser version of DISCO, you can play tracks, including whole albums and playlists continuously, grab track URLs for sharing, browse libraries, inboxes and channels, search, and share playlists. 

Can I create playlists from using my mobile web browser?

Yes! To create a playlist, just click the three dot menu on the tracks you want to add and choose 'Add to Shortlist': 

To view your playlist, click the disc icon at the top right of the screen: 

 This will let you view your playlist and save it:

To return to your library view, click the arrow icon under the disc: 

Do lists I send out work on mobile and tablet?

Yes! All the lists you send out to people will work (and work well) on mobile and tablet.