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Sharing different formats of your files

When you upload common lossless audio formats to DISCO, DISCO creates an mp3 copy. These formats include: 

• aif & aiff

• wav

• caf

• flac

Likewise, when you upload video formats other than mp4, DISCO creates an mp4 copy. 

How it works

When you upload tracks and videos in these formats, you'll see a Transcoding... under those tracks' titles: 

Transcoding means DISCO is making an mp3 or mp4 copy of the track or video. Once the copy is made, it will be paired with the original as an alternate format of the same file, and used as the default format for streaming and sending.

Sending a single track in multiple formats

If you want to send a single track to someone and allow them to choose the format they wish to download, choose Share from the track menu:

This will bring you to the pop-up where you can copy the track's share URL. The Regular track URL will open a share page with all available formats available for download, while the Download URL will automatically download the mp3 of a track or the mp4 of a video when opened: 

A regular track share URL will look like this, with download options available at the top right of the page: 

How DISCO handles formats in shared playlists

When you share a list on DISCO, all the formats attached to the files that are available to download. The main playlist download, accessible via the big green button at the top right of the page, will be mp3s (or mp4s for video) by default: 

Using the More formats and options link, recipients can select any combination of tracks, files and formats (or all formats, if they’re so inclined) to download:

What if I want to include the originals in the main playlist download?

If you’d prefer the default playlist zip download to be the original files, you can do that too––just open the Formats tab when saving the list and check Include original formats in main playlist download: