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Using DISCO's embeddable player

DISCO lets you embed customisable players on your websites.

How to embed a track or playlist

To embed a track or playlist, just open the Share pop up for the track or playlist: 

In the Share pop up, select the Embed tab: 

Supported files

In addition to tracks, you can include in your embeds all the other file types DISCO supports: video, images, text documents, pdfs and more

Customising your player

DISCO offers various options for customising the look, size and functionality of your player. To view the customisation options, click Customize player in the bottom left of the tab: 

This will show you your full range of customisation options:

Enable downloads: lets you turn download links for tracks on or off. Please note downloads are only offered in embeds at the track, and not the playlist, level.

Enable artwork: lets you display or not display track artwork in the player.

Player size: lets you specify the size of the player. By default, the players are 480 pixels wide and 395 pixels high. Embeds must have a minimum width of 355 pixels wide and a minimum height of 285 pixels. If you enter amounts lower than this, you'll see those player size fields turn red, indicating those sizes aren't accepted: 

Color theme lets you select between two color themes: white and dark. The color themes control the background of the player. 

Advanced Customisations

There are several additional ways you can customise your embeddable player by directly editing a few values in the embed code. Note that these are a little trickier to implement, so feel free to contact Support if you have any questions.

Control Colors lets you choose the color of the font and icons in the player, from four pre-set values. 

If you'd like to use a different colour outside these presets, you can swap out the color in the embed code with the hex value of your desired colour. In the example below, you need to replace the bolded characters with your own hex value: 


Changing and removing the company/business information: You can customise the embeds so that they can list other company names in the 'By' section, or list nothing under title and artist. 

Below is an example embed code from a playlist with the company name changed. The bolded section is where it's customised it to include 'By My Company Name' instead of the default company name listed in your DISCO.

<iframe id="disco-playlist-3574336" name="disco-playlist-3574336" allowfullscreen frameborder="0" class="disco-embed" src="https://disco-xyz.disco.ac/e/p/3574336?download=true&by=By%20My%20Other%20Company&s=09mL5Jh6coNdqP4GyDieWYgBLz8%3AmeijTFRR&artwork=true&theme=white&color=%2332B57C" width="480" height="235"></iframe>

On the embed, you'll be changing the highlighted text: 

As in the above example, you'll need to include '%' for any spaces you wish to include.

You can also remove the whole 'By' line by inserting &by=%20 as below: 

<iframe id="disco-playlist-3574336" name="disco-playlist-3574336" allowfullscreen frameborder="0" class="disco-embed" src="https://disco-xyz.disco.ac/e/t/26760149?download=true&by=%20&s=t01seZ0onoUvJj98cP684i1ib7o%3AoIF3Bziy&artwork=true&theme=white&color=%2332B57C" width="480" height="235"></iframe>

Or just remove 'By' by adding &by=Business as below:

<iframe id="disco-track-26760149" name="disco-track-26760149" allowfullscreen frameborder="0" class="disco-embed" src="https://disco-xyz.disco.ac/e/t/26760149?download=true&by=Business&s=t01seZ0onoUvJj98cP684i1ib7o%3AoIF3Bziy&artwork=true&theme=white&color=%2332B57C" width="480" height="235"></iframe>