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Embedding your DISCO content on external sites

You can embed Tracks, Playlists, and more from your DISCO using our embeddable player.

At a glance

Here's an example of what an embedded Track player looks like (without customization or allowing downloads):

In addition to Tracks and Playlists, you can also embed all the other file types DISCO supports: video, images, text documents, PDFs, and more.

📎 Note: Activity (such as Streams, Downloads, and Page Views) from a DISCO embeddable player does not generate Playlist Stats. Playlist Stats are only generated from Playlists you have shared using one of the methods from the Share and Copy URL tabs in the Share Playlist menu. Visit this article for more information on Playlist sharing and how Stats are generated.

Embedding content

  1. Open the Track menu (⋮) or the Playlist Menu (⋮).
  2. Select Share.
  3. In the Share Track or Share Playlist menu, select the Embed tab:
  4. Review the Player preview to make sure it is to your liking.
  5. Optional: Click the blue Customize player link to edit the design, enable or disable downloading, and show or hide the Track Artwork.
  6. Click the green Copy embed code button.
  7. Insert the embed code into your site.

Customizing the player

You can edit the design of your player, enable and disable downloading, and show or hide the Track Artwork by clicking the blue Customize player link.

This will open the customization options, which include: Player Size, Color Theme, Control Colors, Enable downloads, and Enable artwork.

After making the desired changes, the embed code will update automatically. If you copied the embed code before making changes, be sure to copy it again before inserting into your site so the changes are reflected.

Edit the design

You can edit the following:

Enable and disable downloading

You can update this setting by checking or unchecking the Enable downloads box.

📎 Note: Downloads in embedded players are only available at the Track level, not the Playlist level. 

Show or hide Track Artwork

You can update this setting by checking or unchecking the Enable artwork box.

Advanced customizations

You can add some more customization by making a few edits to the embed code after it has been added to your site, including:

We replaced the highlighted portion of the code (after color=%23) from 32B57Cto F5A2CF.

This changed the Control Colors from green to light pink:

We added this portion of code to our embed code.
This changed the company name from Olivia Testing to Livvy Sings Songs:

Feel free to reach out to our Support team if you need any help with this 🙂