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Save to DISCO

Save to DISCO makes it easy for DISCO users to add music from other DISCOs to their own DISCO. 

On the playlists you share, next to the main playlist download button, is a Save to DISCO button. Using this, anyone who receives your list and has a DISCO can add this list to their DISCO with one click: 

They can also save just a section: 

Or an individual track in a playlist: 

By clicking the More formats and options link at the top right of the share page, recipients can save any combination of tracks and formats: 

Where can I find music I've saved to my DISCO?

When you save music to your DISCO, it will be added to your personal inbox, and you'll be notified in the app. 

What if I'm a member of multiple DISCOs? How do I choose which DISCO to add the music to?

If you or your recipients are a member of multiple DISCOs, you can choose which DISCO you'd like to add the files to: 

How is this different from other DISCO users sharing to my inbox?

Other DISCO users can still share directly with your team or personal inboxes, but Save to DISCO makes it much easier to receive files that haven’t been shared with your DISCO directly. 

Does Save to DISCO work on streaming only lists?

Add to DISCO is not available on lists set to streaming only.