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Legacy Plans

If you landed on this article, you might be still on one of DISCO's legacy plans. We've been accommodating a range of these legacy plans for a few years, but are strongly encouraging all DISCO users to move over to a standard plan. We want to make sure you and your team will get to benefit from the improvements and features we've released and will continue to release in the future.

Here are just some of the new features that are available on all standard DISCO plans that won't be available on your legacy plan:

1. Artist & Album Pages 

Turn your playlists into stunning showcases for an artist project or release. 

2. Artists 

View and manage all of your artists from your main DISCO browse area.

3. Albums 

View and manage all of your albums from your main DISCO browse area 

4. Copying Track Info Between Tracks

 Visit our pricing page to learn more about the pricing and feature options in DISCO plans.