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Libraries Easy Access Setting for Rights Holders

We've added an Easy Access setting to our Discovery Suite product in order to simplify the supervisor experience of discovering and utilizing the amazing music they find in libraries. Prior to this setting, vetted music supervisors needed to request specific access to a library or be proactively invited by a rights holder in order to save or download the tracks they wanted to utilize. 

In general, we recommend enabling Easy Access so that once supervisors find a track they like in your library, they are able to instantly utilize the track in their playlisting or pitching for a project. Supervisors are often working on a tight timeline and every hour counts! Supervisors will also have a way to easily filter to see the Easy Access libraries in their Discovery view:

To enable this setting, navigate to the Clients & Promotion > Access & promotion part of your library administration and select the Easy Access setting under 'Allow supervisors to see my Library'. 

Please note that the supervisor browse setting is separate from the general log in setting under Settings. For example you could select both "Log in required" and "Easy Access." This would mean that supervisors would need to log-in with their credentials to view your library. 

In order to protect the privacy of the vetted music supervisors on our platform, we will anonymize their usage so that you'll be able to see which company a supervisor is accessing your library from, but not their name or email. If supervisors have already accepted an invitation to your library or are later invited to your library, their regular contact info will be displayed: