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Sales tax on your subscription

DISCO is legally required to collect sales tax on all annual and monthly subscription charges for states that collect sales tax on digital subscriptions within the United States.

Beginning December 1, 2021, and over the coming months, you may start to see sales tax added to your statement as we become obligated to collect in additional locations.

Check here to see if your state has been added.

Why now?

Although our subscriptions were always subject to sales tax, DISCO was not previously obligated to collect and remit taxes.

What changed?

New laws and regulations were put in place, requiring that DISCO collect and remit sales tax to each of the taxing jurisdictions.

Is this a price increase?

No, if you see sales tax added to your bill, please be advised that this is NOT a price increase to your subscription, and the additional funds are collected on behalf of your state and remitted to them as they require.

Please note tax rates vary by state, city, and local jurisdiction and are based on the rates applicable at the time of charge. These amounts can change over time with the state and local tax requirements.

How do you determine my tax rate?

Your billing address and zip code is used to determine your tax rate. We will soon be reaching out to the email address listed under your subscription's billing information to collect your current address. Please look out for an email from us if you are the billing contact for your DISCO.

For more information on tax rates, please refer to your state's website.

Why should I update my billing information?

To ensure you're not paying more taxes than necessary. An inaccurate, or incomplete, billing address could subject you to a higher tax rate.

What happens when sales tax becomes required for my location?

If we become required to add sales tax to your subscription per your location, the change will be made to your account automatically, and you will begin to see sales tax added to your next payment.