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Copy Track Info (Metadata and Tags) between Tracks

The most requested feature on DISCO (circa 2021) is now here! This feature allows you to easily transfer track information that is contained on a primary version of a track to alternative versions/iterations such as in the following cases:

How to copy track info to or from tracks

Open the Copy track info area from either:

1) The Track Info area

2) The Track Menu

3) Multi-selected tracks Actions menu:

Select the tracks to copy track info to or from

DISCO will suggest tracks with matching titles when you select the search area

You can easily drag and drop tracks between the To and From sides.

Expand the Track Info in each side.

By default, all fields will be selected to copy over except for Title (don't want to override -Instrumental, etc.) and Order.

Deselect any fields in the From column that you don't want to be copied over.

Will Data be Overwritten or Added once copied across?

Field Name Overwrites or Additive?Notes / Example 
MetadataOverwritesArtist name (1st track): Harry Potter, Artist name (2nd track): Dumbledore. --> Final artist name: Harry Potter 

Writers info is copied as one unit (not individual writers) from the primary track and will replace any writer information when the copy is completed

LyricsOverwritesLyrics is treated as one unit and replaces any lyrics on the secondary track.

Notes can be added without overwriting


Tags can be added without overwriting

Custom fields Overwrites 

Undo Copy Track Info

That was easy! But oh no... I think I accidentally copied all the tags when I didn't mean to.

No sweat!

Once the track info copy has been confirmed, you have 10 seconds to UNDO the copy from the bottom left corner of DISCO. This will revert the track information back to whatever it was pre-copy

Preview how metadata will appear after download

You can preview how your metadata will look after download on the Track Info area of each track.