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Copy Track Info between Tracks

You can easily transfer Track information from one Track to another using the Copy Track info option. This is extremely helpful for the following use cases:

How to Copy Track info between Tracks

1. Select the Copy Track info option from either:

2. Select the Tracks to copy Track info to or from.

3. Expand the Track Info on each side and decide which fields to copy on the From side by checking or unchecking the boxes.

Which metadata fields will be overwritten by this action?

Copying info between Tracks will overwrite the information in some fields, while in other fields, the info will just be added. Here is an overview of each field and what will happen when you copy Track info over:

 Field Name Overwritten or Added? Notes / Example 
MetadataOverwrittenArtist name in the From Track: Harry Potter
Artist name in the To Track: Dumbledore
Final Artist name after copying: Harry Potter

Writers are copied as one unit (not individual Writers) from the From Track and will overwrite any Writers in the To track when the copying is completed.

LyricsOverwrittenLyrics are treated as one unit and will overwrite any lyrics on the To track.

Notes can be added without overwriting.


Tags can be added without overwriting.

Custom fields Overwritten

How to undo the action of Copying Track info

Oops! Copied over some information that you didn't mean to? No worries, you can undo that, but you have to act fast!

After the Track info is copied, a small confirmation window will appear in the bottom left of the screen.

Simply click Undo within 10 seconds. This will revert the Track information to whatever it was prior.

Preview how your metadata will appear after downloading

You can preview how your metadata will look after downloading from the Edit track information page.

  1. Open the Track Menu ().
  2. Select Edit track information.
  3. From the Metadata tab, click Copy track info to open the menu.
  4. Select Preview track info.
  5. Two tabs show which track information will and won't be written to the track once it is downloaded. Select the Will write tab.