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How to share a playlist

There are a few ways to share a playlist in DISCO. You can:

Then we'll talk about sharing methods after 👍 

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Making a new playlist to share

You can drag and drop tracks into the Playlist Creator either from your machine, or from your DISCO in the explorer:

Once you select Save in the top right of your Playlist Creator, make any necessary changes in the save popup, then select Save playlist at the bottom:

The link you see here is called a Public Playlist URL, which we will learn about in a minute.

For now, select Save playlist. Now you're ready to learn about sharing methods 👍  

Sharing an existing playlist

If you would like to share an existing playlist, you would find the existing playlist through search, Browse (where all of your playlist are always visible), Starred, or in a channel/subfolder. Go to the three dot menu next to the playlist name, select Share:

Sharing methods

There are a few different ways to share a playlist, each with their own benefits. To see who accessed your playlist, you will need to use Email a playlist directly or  Assign a URL to a contact.

Email a playlist directly

With this tool, you can enter an email address or a mailing list into the text field (select them from the dropdown after you type), add a message, and send. 

Assign a URL to a contact

If you want to send your playlist to a contact, but would prefer to send it yourself, rather than use DISCO's email share function, we've got you covered. Just assign a URL to your contact and send it to them. Then, when they access that URL, you can track their activity.

Copy URL

There are three types of URLs under Copy URL,  you will probably only ever need the Public Playlist URL.

The Public playlist URL (like the assigned URLs) is useful to anyone with the link. Any access stats generated from the Public Playlist URL will generate stats in a grouped category called Other recipients. This link will not show you who accessed your content, but it will show the other access stats available on your plan [feature availability listed here].

The Internal playlist URL is not useful for recipients, if you have other team members on your DISCO URL (visible in Settings >> My Team), you can send this link to them which will quick-jump them to the playlist in your DISCO.

The Direct Download URL will automatically download the Public playlist URL's contents onto the recipient's machine. Most recipients do not prefer this.

If you would like to see how these links look to a recipient, feel free to test the URLs for this example playlist:

Notice how you could not access the internal URL since you are not a team member on our example DISCO, and this link was not useful to you. Make sure you do not share an internal URL with a recipient, as they will have the same issue.