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Watermarking FAQ

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What is watermarking?

Watermarking is the process of inserting a fingerprint into different instances of an audio track such that a specific instance of a track can be traced by its fingerprint. Watermarking your audio files lets you trace leaked files back to individual recipients those files were shared with. 

When will DISCO watermarking be available? 

Watermarking is available in early access now. Request early access in app.

Is watermarking included in any of your regular base plans?

No, watermarking is only offered as a paid add on.  

Can I trial the watermarking feature?

No, watermarking is only offered as a paid add on.  

How much does watermarking cost? 

We have three watermarking plans: 

1 watermarked playlist – $29 per month

3 watermarked playlist – $69 per month

Unlimited watermarked playlists – $129 per month.

How secure is your watermarking solution?

DISCO's watermarking is very secure. The watermarking information encoded onto the watermarked file can survive re-encoding and alteration of the file.  

Will the watermarks be audible on the track?


Is streaming audio on my watermarked playlist watermarked?


Do you support watermarking video or files other than audio?

No, watermarking is only currently supported for audio. 

How long will it take for my files to be watermarked?

After uploading your files and watermarking the playlist they're in, watermarked downloads will generally be available in under a minute.

Will public playlist URLs be watermarked?

Yes, but the watermark will only apply to the whole link. If an individual rips the music from the link and distributes it elsewhere, that individual will not be able to be traced.

Will our clients be notified that the files they are receiving are watermarked?

Yes, there will be templated language and UI elements notifying recipients of watermarking on playlist and track links, inbox shares, and emails sent out with watermarked music. The language can be modified in settings or while sending the watermarked playlist, and can also be removed if desired.

If I watermark a playlist and someone from my team logged into my DISCO downloads it, will those files be watermarked against my team member?


How long does the watermark last?

The watermark will be added to the tracks as long as that playlist is watermarked under an active watermarking subscription. 

If we're on a 1 playlist plan, does that mean we have to upgrade our plan to watermark a new playlist?

A 1 playlist plan means watermarking is available for one playlist at a time. If you'd like to watermark another playlist, you can either upgrade or remove the watermarking from the first playlist you watermarked. 

Can we watermark individual tracks instead of a whole playlist?

Currently, watermarking happens at a playlist level (1-track playlists are supported) to take advantage of the more comprehensive sharing and security settings available on the playlist level. 

What happens if our music is leaked?

You can submit leaked files through the Tools > Watermarking page app.

Do you scan the web for leaked files and issue DMCA takedowns?