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Watermarking FAQ

What is watermarking?

Watermarking is the process of inserting digital "fingerprints" into different instances of audio tracks so that they can be traced. This allows you to trace leaked tracks back to the individual recipients they were shared with.

Is watermarking included in any of your regular base plans?

No, watermarking is only offered as a paid add-on.

Can I try the watermarking feature before purchasing?

No, we don't offer a trial for watermarking.

How much does watermarking cost? 

We charge per number of watermarked Playlists, and there are three options to choose from:

How secure is your watermarking solution?

Our watermarking is very secure. The information encoded onto the files can survive re-encoding and alteration.

Are the watermarks audible?

No, the watermarks aren't audible.

Is watermarking only applied when the file is downloaded, or does it also apply when it is streamed?

Watermarking applies in both scenarios -- when the files are streamed and downloaded.

Do you support watermarking for other file types besides audio (e.g. video)?

No, watermarking is only currently supported for audio.

How long will it take for my files to be watermarked?

Watermarking is generally applied in under a minute.

Will public playlist share URLs be watermarked?

Yes, but the watermark will only apply to the link as a whole. So for instance, if an individual rips the music from that link and distributes it elsewhere, that individual will not be traceable. If you trace the leak you will see who from your team watermarked the files and when. It is best to assign URLs to each recipient or email the playlist out of DISCO to track each person individually.

Will our clients be notified that the files they are receiving are watermarked?

Yes, there is a message notifying recipients that files are watermarked on Playlist and Track URLs, Inbox shares, and emails.

If I watermark a playlist and someone from my DISCO logs in and downloads it, will those files be watermarked against my team member?


How long does the watermark last?

The watermark will remain as long as that Playlist is watermarked under an active watermarking subscription.

If I'm on a 1 Playlist watermarking subscription, does that mean I have to upgrade my subscription plan to watermark a new playlist?

Yes and no. A 1 Playlist watermarking plan means only one of your Playlists can be watermarked at a time. So, you could either: choose to upgrade your subscription to watermark an additional Playlist, or remove watermarking from that one Playlist and watermark another instead.

Can we watermark individual tracks instead of a whole playlist?

Currently, watermarking is only available at the Playlist level (from Playlist Settings, the Playlist Share area, or the Watermarking dashboard). If a track is in a watermarked Playlist, then it will also be Watermarked as an individual track-share, but Playlist-sharing and tracking options are much more advanced than individual track-sharing options, so it's much better to simply create a playlist with one track to apply watermarks to it.

What happens if my music is leaked?

You can upload and submit the leaked files in DISCO by going to Watermarking > Leak tracing > Trace a leak.

Do you scan the web for leaked files and issue DMCA takedowns?