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Browse Libraries and curated playlists FAQ

Subscribers to our Discovery Suite can opt in your Libraries to be browsed by supervisors.

Our feedback from supervisors on the experience is that they want content to be easy to access in one place. So we're curating playlists of Library content, from opted in Libraries, and you can submit your tracks for consideration.

Each track included in our curated list will link out to the Library it's from, so supervisors can discover more of your music.


Am I sending a playlist or a track?

On DISCO inboxes, you can only share playlist URLs. If you only want to share one track, please make a one-track playlist.

How many tracks should I send?

Please send no more than ten tracks per submission and as a general rule keep your submissions as concise as you can. Avoid sending the same tracks repeatedly.

What tracks are eligible for inclusion in curated playlists?

For tracks to be eligible, they must be in an opted in Library. For Libraries to be opted in, you must be subscribed to Discovery Suite. Please ensure the tracks you're sending have information on rights and who to contact for clearance in the metadata. 

Who is on the curation team? Can I pitch them directly?

The curation for Browse Libraries is handled by a dedicated curation team. You can pitch the team using the custom inboxes for the different lists, which are sent out to subscribed Library customers. It's not possible to pitch members of the team directly.

What metadata should I include?

Be sure to include what rights you control (i.e. one stop, master only). Also include the email of who to contact for licensing. 

Here's an example of good metadata: 

One stop
For Licensing Inquiries: contactname@email.com

The best place for this metadata is in the Comments metadata field. 

For a detailed run down of what metadata you should include when pitching, visit our guide on Essential metadata for pitching tracks

How often can I submit music?

Please send a maximum of one playlist submission per inbox per week.

What's the deadline for pitching music each week?

There's no hard deadline – if you submit music on a Friday, you can submit music again on Monday. We just accept one submission per inbox per calendar week.

How can I see which playlists you're creating?

All playlists we're currently seeking submissions for will show in your main Libraries page, with links to the inbox for each list to send your tracks. 

How often are the lists updated? 

The lists are updated frequently – some lists every two weeks, others monthly.

Can I see the curated lists?

Not at the moment – these are only visible to supervisors. 

Do I have to give my permission for my tracks to be included in the lists?

If our curation team has found your tracks on your Library, we will ask your permission to include them in curated lists. By submitting music for considering to the custom inboxes, you are giving us permission to include those tracks. 

Does the curation team listen to all the submissions that are sent?

Yes, our curation team listens to at least one track on all submissions.

Will you let me know if my track has been included in a curated list?


If my track has been included in a curated list and I want to remove it from that list, what do I do?

Please contact us at support@disco.ac and advise us which track you'd like to remove.

Who will have access to view my Library?

Access to view opted in Libraries and curated playlists is granted only to verified music supervisors on DISCO.  

How do you choose which Libraries are featured in the 'Featured Libraries' section?

These Libraries are chosen by our curation team, who select Libraries we think would be of particular interest to DISCO supervisors. These are updated regularly.