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Color indicators on tracks and playlists

The feature is available on our Pro and Enterprise plans.

You can now add color indicators to your most important playlist and track tags on DISCO. The indicators appear on tracks and playlists when searching and browsing, and help differentiate tracks, so it's easier for your team to collaborate and make creative decisions. 

To add a color indicator to a track tag, visit Settings > Track tags, and click the three dot menu to the right of the track. Select 'Add color indicator': 

In the pop up, select the color indicator you'd like to appear next to that tag, and confirm by clicking 'Add indicator':


When you apply that tag, an indicator of that color will show on the track component, and in the track detail view, the track tag will show the color you've assigned to it: 

You can also apply color indicators to playlist tags, which can be managed in Settings > Playlist tags: 

These indicators for playlist tags will then appear on the playlist component when that tag has been applied: 

How many indicators can I apply?

You can apply color indicators to as many playlist and track tags as you like, but a maximum of three will appear on any one track or playlist: 

Color indicators are best used sparingly – by using them for a few key tags, you can ensure that those indicators are always able to be clearly seen and understood. 

Removing a color indicator from a tag

To remove a color indicator from a tag, visit Settings > Track Tags or Settings > Playlist tags. Click the three dot menu to the right of the table, and select 'Remove color indicator':