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Your security responsibilities as a DISCO user

Although we do everything we can to make sure that the DISCO ecosystem is secure, security on any cloud-based software must be a responsibility shared between the service provider (us) and the users (you). Security is a shared responsibility because nothing we can do solely on our end can make your account 100% secure without your help. Think of an apartment building – if your landlord installed strong steel doors and the best deadbolts money could buy, but you were constantly propping the door open with a chair or giving out copies of your key to total strangers, it wouldn’t be very secure, right?

Similarly, we strive to provide our DISCO users with the highest level of security, but if you decide to post your password to Twitter or share your user account with a friend, you are failing to uphold your side of the shared responsibility. Below is a list of your security responsibilities as a DISCO user.

If you have any questions about any of these responsibilities, please contact our Support team via chat or email.