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Channel permissions

When you create Channels, you can set them to be visible to everyone in your team, certain members of your team, or you can make it a private channel only you can view. 

Please note changing channel permissions doesn't restrict access to playlists or tracks; these can still be viewed by your team even when they're in a restricted channel, via the Explorer, search and other channels. 

Setting channel permissions

You can set channel permissions when you create a new channel. 


Managers can view, edit and delete the channel.


Members see the channel in their DISCO, and can add music to the channel and remove music from it. Members can't edit or delete the channel.

If you click the Visible to all users checkbox, all users in your DISCO will be able to see your channel. If you untick this checkbox, you can set who among your team can view the channel. If you'd like the channel to just be viewable by yourself, just leave your name in the Members and Managers fields: 

Editing channel permissions for existing channels

You can edit channel permissions in a few places: 

1. In Settings > Channels. To change a channels permissions, click the three dots, then Edit Channel. You'll only be able to access this button for channels you're a manager of:

2. If you're a manager of a channel, you can hover over the channel in the sidebar and click the ellipses icon: 

3. Or you can click the three dot menu at the top right of the first column within the channel: