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Channel permissions

When you create Channels, you can set them to be visible to everyone in your team, certain members of your team, or you can make it a private Channel only you can view. 

Note: Changing Channel permissions does not restrict access to Playlists or Tracks. These can still be viewed by your team via the Explorer, search, and other Channels. 

Overview of Channel permissions



Setting Channel permissions for a new Channel

You can set initial Channel permissions when you create a new Channel:

Editing Channel permissions for existing Channels

You can edit Channel permissions in a few places: 

1. In Settings > Channels. Click on the three dots next to the Channel name, and select Edit Channel
Note: You will only be able to access this button for Channels that you are a manager of.

2. If you are a manager of a Channel, you can hover over the Channel in the left sidebar and click the three-dot menu > Edit channel.

3. Or, go into a Channel and click the three-dot menu > Edit channel.