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Merging Tracks

To manage duplicate Tracks in your DISCO, you can merge them.

At a glance

Merging will remove duplicates while preserving the place and history of both the Master Track and the duplicate track(s) in any Playlists they were in.
In the above example, we merged the duplicate Track "Broken coin (Final Master) 1" into the Master track "Broken coin (Final Master) 2". Before the merge, the duplicate Track was in the Playlist "My First DISCO Playlist", and the Master was in the Playlist "My Super Awesome Playlist". After the merge, the Master Track is now in both Playlists, retaining its original place in "My Super Awesome Playlist", in addition to replacing the duplicate in "My First DISCO Playlist".

Merging your Tracks

  1. Use multi-select to select all of the Tracks to be merged.
  2. Click the Merge button (two-pronged arrow icon) in the Edit menu at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the master track by clicking the white space to the left of the artwork. A light blue checkmark should appear.
    đź’ˇ Tip:  Choose the Track with the most accurate and complete metadata.
  4. Click the green Merge tracks button.
  5. A confirmation message will appear. If you're sure, click the green Let's merge button.

Only one Track will remain after the merge is complete, but it will appear in any Playlists in which the previous duplicates were.

Passing lossless formats (e.g. AIFF, WAV) across Tracks when merging

The Track you select as your Master may not have a lossless format (e.g. AIFF or a WAV), or the lossless format associated with the Master may not be the one you want to use. But, if the duplicate Track you're planning to discard in the merge contains a lossless format, you can pass this version across to the Master.
To do this, check the box next to the format you'd like to keep from the duplicate Track.

We want "Broken coin (Final Master) 1" to be our Master Track, but it does not have any lossless formats, so we want to keep the AIFF from the duplicate Track "Broken coin (Final Master) 2". Because we have checked the box next to the AIFF version of the duplicate Track, this format will be passed to the Master Track after the merge. In other words, after the merge, the Master Track will contain both the MP3 format from the Master and the AIFF format from the discarded duplicate.