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I closed DISCO before saving my list. Does DISCO auto-save my lists?

If you create a list in the Playlist Creator area at the right of the app, and for some reason close the browser, log out, or switch off your computer, don't fear: DISCO auto-saves unsaved playlists. 

When you open DISCO again, the unsaved list should be there in your Playlist Creator, waiting for you: 

Please note auto-save only works when you re-open your DISCO on the same browser on the same machine. Also, if you click Close on a list in the shortlist before saving it, there is no way to recover it.

It is also worth mentioning that even though DISCO saves your unsaved playlists, we do not recommend having unsaved playlsts over a few hundred tracks or having more than a few unsaved playlists at once.  Any important playlists should also be saved as often as possible, due to rare browser caching issues.